From Zero to 100: My Journey to 100 Followers on Medium and How You Can Do It Too?🎯

Fredrik Engseth
2 min readApr 22

Welcome back! In this follow-up post, I will share my results after implementing the tips I shared with you in my previous post, “I will help you get 100 followers.”

As a reminder, the Medium Partner Program requires you to have 100 followers to start earning money from your stories. After trying to grow my audience organically, I decided to take on the challenge of reaching 100 followers within a week.

Firstly, I started by finding something to write about that I was passionate about and that others would find valuable. In my case, I write about technical problems that I hope will solve problems for many others, by writing about problems I have faced myself.

I then searched for “100 followers” on Medium and read about how to apply for the Medium Partner Program and how to achieve 100 followers. I followed their tips and started commenting on those posts. I also started following people who were interested in my topics.

The results were remarkable! Within a week, I reached my goal of 100 followers and applied for the Medium Partner Program. The audience continued to grow even after the week was over as more people reacted and followed me after reading the comments I had made on other stories.

If you are looking to grow your audience, I highly recommend commenting on posts about how to get 100 followers and offering to follow anyone who follows you back. You may not reach 100 followers in 24 hours as other stories claim, but with consistent engagement and interaction, you will get there eventually.

To show you my progress, here is a screenshot of my follower history after implementing these tips:

Follower history on Medium

I hope this follow-up post has inspired you to take action and grow your audience on Medium. Remember to write about what you love, engage with others in your community, and stay consistent. Good luck on your journey to 100 followers and beyond!

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