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Fredrik Engseth
3 min readNov 8, 2022

Do you need 100 followers to apply for the Medium Partner program? I will help you get there by telling you how I got there.

To start with, the criteria to apply for now are:

  • Written a story within six month
  • Have 100 followers
  • Is above 18 years
  • Live in an eligible location

The first and most important step to start with is to find something to write about. Something you know and others find interesting and valuable. And, the most important is to write about something you like. In my case, I write about technical problems and stuff that I hope will solve problems for many others, by writing about problems I have faced myself.

When those things are clear and you've started writing. The audience will grow over time, but it might take time if you want to get to 100 followers to apply for the Medium Partner Program and start earning money from your stories.

To start with I tried to just grow organically by posting irregularly and it took a long time before I got any followers. It grew slowly one at a time over long periods of time (over many months). After a while, I started following others that wrote about the same topics, and the audience grew, but very slowly.

After some time I decided to take the challenge to achieve 100 followers within a week, and the following is what I did.

I searched for “100 followers” on Medium and read about how to apply for Medium Partner Program and how to achieve 100 followers. I did what they told me to, and started commenting on the post. Then followed people for followers.

The audience started to grow rapidly and before the week was over I had already applied for the Medium Partner Program and the followers still increased from people who reacted and followed me after reading the comments from the stories I commented on.

So my tip for you is to start commenting on stories on how to get 100 followers and comment that you will follow everyone that follows you. This will work overtime. You may not reach 100 followers in 24 hours as other stories say if you start from zero, but after a week you are at least not far away. It depends on how many stories you…



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